Pre-match weigh in...

Pre-match weigh in...

Post by felange » Thu, 25 Jun 2009 09:11:31

...I would love to see that.

It would be so interesting to see who is on the gain or on the loss and what
effects it has on performance/results/surfaces etc.

Nadal certainly seems to have beefed down this year. I surmise that it was
to improve his faster surface performance and/or reduce knee stress. I
wonder in light of recent events what way he will go from here. Back to
fighting weight?

Also, Roddick looks so much better since he lost the weight. Again, would be
interesting here to watch fluctuations and related performance.

It would also allow us to see the trend as years go by. Todays players (and
all sportsmen in general) are undoubtedly heftier than those of yore...but
with regards to tennis, will there come a time when it pays to be lighter
again and we will see a regression.

What say ye?