Ashe on Ashe

Ashe on Ashe

Post by Paul M. Wexelbl » Sat, 11 Apr 1992 03:33:21

Comments on the Bryant Gumble (sp) and Arthur Ashe conversation
on TV this AM.  [NB they are friends, and Gumble said that he was
amongst those few friends who knew of the test results in '88]  The
following is what I got out of  the conversation and Gumbles comments.

USA Today got a tip (no sources cited) and tried to confirm
with Ashe.  Ashe knew it would get out eventually.  Nobody
has any real problem with the fact that the medical condition
of a celebrity is news.  Ashe was non-committal with USA Today.
USA Today still informed Arthur that they were going with the
story today.  Then, Ashe confirmed the story and asked that
USA Today delay publishing for 36 hours.  USA Today declined
saying that that action would be in conflict with their established
policy.  Once Ashe knew that USA Today would be publishing the story
(and when), He decided to announce it first so that the news would not
come from the paper.

NB Ashe said that he had tested positive for HIV, not that he had AIDS.

He has been getting quarterly reports from his doctors, he holds nobody
responsible, believes that he became exposed at a time when there was
reason (or capability) to test for the problem, and that neither
his wife or daughter are HIV positive.

I understand that Arthur made the rounds of the AM talk/news shows,
the above reflects what I got from one interview.  This was, I suspect
the first of the bunch, so there may well have been some clarifications

(And he got a call from George Bush too)

Best of luck Arthur!!

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