To retire or not to retire, that is the question.

To retire or not to retire, that is the question.

Post by Thierry Salom » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 22:45:24

        Dear tennis-friends,

        Last week I heard a song of a Dutch band that made me
think of some tennis players : Navratilova, Lendl, Mc Enroe, Connors,
Wilander because it 's about an artist who is wondering whether
he should retire or not.

Here is the original in Esperanto text followed by the translation
into English :

        Sur vesthokaro pendas nun senviva pup'
        Fikse rigardate de la gvidanto de la trup'
        La majstro hezitas : "C^u mi restu post kulis'
        Au c^u mi cedu al la amaso kiu krias bis bis bis?"

        Li memoras la vortojn de sia propra instruist':
        "La momenton de retirig^o devus scii la ludist';
        Rekonu la heziton, le tremo de la man';
        Decidu g^ustatempe cedi lokon al junkompan'".


        On a jacket-hook is now*** the lifeless doll
        [it is about a doll-theatre artist]
        Stared at by the guide of the troupe
        The master hesitates : "Shall I stay behind the wing
        Or shall cede to the mass who shouts encore encore encore?"

        He remembers his own teacher's words :
        "The moment of retirement should know the artist ;
        Recognize the hesitation, the tremble of the hand ;
        Decide in time to leave the place to a young compagnon".

Some tennis stars leave the sport too early, others too late.
The ones who leave too early try a gloryless come-back
(Borg, Wilander...) the other by loosing spoil their image
(Lendl, Vilas ...).

though decision to take isn't it ?

By the way what do you think that Edberg should do ?



To retire or not to retire, that is the question.

Post by DEBORAH BROWN » Tue, 07 Feb 1995 07:14:36

greetings, thierry! thank you for your interesting message. i think that as
long as edberg is healthy enough to play his smooth serve and volley tennis,
i think he can still provide the beautiful tennis that we have become used to
from him. That is the answer in terms of his best position in history. in terms
of stefan edberg, he should play as long as it makes him happy. do you agree?

                 cheers, jen browne