Del Potro in trouble losing his sport for Shanghai

Del Potro in trouble losing his sport for Shanghai

Post by Whispe » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 03:13:36


>>>>> Wouldn't THAT be ironic, he has played so well lately, maybe the best
>>>>> after Federer / Murray
>>>>> and yet he could still lose out to Blake / Tsonga for the last spot
>>>>> he's currently 7th. If Blake wins his semi he will pass Del Potro and
>>>>> if....Tsonga or Nalbandian win the tournament he's out of the race
>>>>> is sure hope Del Potro makes it he deserves it more than say Blake or
>>>>> Davydenko...
>>>> Why? He did nothing for the first two-thirds of the year.
>>>> The only players who "deserve" to qualify are the ones who have
>>>> already done it -
>> Not true - Denko.

> ???
> Do you think that only on his 08 results, Nikolay should have his trip
> to Shanghai granted?
> He has won one MS, but if IIRC, he's done worst than last year at
> slams... So his rank had to suffer from this.
> If your answer to initial question is "yes", than blame the ranking
> system and it's 365day to day basis.

> Share & Enjoy,
> Manolo

Denko's overall contribution/lack of dedication would, in an ideal world
, see him not qualify for any elite play-off.  At least I'm grateful he
shaves his head so it's easy to idenify the*** in a crowd.