Men's Draw at Oz--Thoughts (and a SPOILER)

Men's Draw at Oz--Thoughts (and a SPOILER)

Post by B » Tue, 14 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Well, first things first--the SPOILER is as follows:

Moya d. Becker in five sets in the first round.

I reference this cuz it screws up how I thought the quarters would
shake down.  Becker's quarter is kind  Pat McEnroe or Moya
should advance to the quarters to play either Mantilla or Washington.
With Becker gone, I'm pulling for Washington to have another great
Grand Slam run.  Hmm, but then again, that Boetsch is always dangerous.

Back in the first quarter, I see Sampras advancing to the quarterfinals
rather easily.  I'm picking Rafter as his opponent.  I think he'll
have a tough match versus A Costa in round one, and that he'll need
at least four sets and heavy crowd support to beat Ferriera in the
Rd of 16s, but he will.

There's no way Courier can advance against Shalken, Forget AND Rosset.
I'm picking Rosset to advance to the quarterfinals against Ivo in the
second quarter.

In the bottom quarter, Chang will be tested in the second round against
Reneberg and the third round against Henman and yet again in the
round of 16 against Stich, but I think he can advance to the quarters.
The first round match up between Korda and Rios has great potential,
but I don't think either will advance to the quarters.  Look for the
winner of the third round match between Enqvist and Larsson to advance.
My bet is Enqvist.

Here's a look at my draw:

Sampras v. Rafter
Rosset v. Ivo

McEnroe v. Washington
Enqvist v. Chang



Men's Draw at Oz--Thoughts (and a SPOILER)

Post by Shun Cheun » Wed, 15 Jan 1997 04:00:00

One thing I have learned over the years is that for men's tennis,
don't look beyond the immediate round. We are still in the 1R and if
you start talking about QF match ups, the chance is that a lot of the
match ups you discuss won't materialize at all.

That is why I usually only discuss the immediate round only. Talking
about two rounds away is frequently pre-mature already.

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