Lipton's, March 19

Lipton's, March 19

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>    These are not results, but some observations...

> spoilers

>    Today the main match that they showed was Niklas Kulti vs. MaliVai
> Washington.   Both players play quite similar styles.  They are basically
> patient groundstrokers who can hit a hard shot when needed, but prefer
> to wait for the mistake.   Kulti is a little better server, and Washington
> moves a little better.   Other than that, the two play very similar games.
> Hence, the close result.   Washington wins 7-5, 7-6.  He will face
> Patrick McEnroe next who beat Marc Rosset.

>     The Stadium Court appeared to be damaged in an incident that resembled
> the Volvo International last year.   During that event, rain that occurred
> earlier in the week, had somehow caused the court to bubble up, making
> the court uneven, and possibly hazardous.   Play was called that day
> despite the sunny weather.   The people who lay the court claim that
> a different reason caused the courts to bubble up in the Lipton
> event, but there was no explanation as to why this happened.

>     Hence, the match between Forget and Edberg was moved to an outside
> court.   Edberg won this match in straight sets.

>     These were about the only matches they showed today (on ESPN).

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> Charles Lin

>     I just heard from the news that Courier was beaten by Mark Woodforde and

it seemed that he lost his composure during the last set and he failed  to hold
his serve. If I'm not mistaken the score was 6-4,6-2.

 University of Kansas