Capriati/Sugiyama pre-match averages

Capriati/Sugiyama pre-match averages

Post by Steve A » Tue, 25 Jan 2000 04:00:00

These are the stats all averaged together from Jen and Sug's first 4 matches
up to the quarters.  They're eerily equal in almost every area.  Jen takes
it on the serving speed but Sugiyma edges her out on many other categories
by one or two.  For the specifics of the net points, both Cap and Sugiyama
have been coming in a good bit.  I want Capriati to win so badly, but these
stats make them look dead even.  Oh well, shortly, time will tell.

Capriati                                                Sugiyama

1st serve %                      69%            66%

unforced errors                39                37

*Opponent's ue's             46                45

winners                            22                22

pts won on 1st serve      63%            63%

Average fast first serve 136.            149  (kilometers of course :)

average double faults    7                    5

net percentage                62%            71%

first serve                         136              132

*just for fun I threw in the average of their opponent's unforced errors