audio of fed speaking about hitting with pete

audio of fed speaking about hitting with pete

Post by wenquan le » Mon, 12 Mar 2007 06:28:36

it can be opened up on a link on the bbc tennis website page:

this is the link of the actual sound file:

bit longer than some of the written transcripts appearing on some

roger's a funny guy - it's difficult not to warm to him! i love the
quote (this is not word-for-word) about "beating him in his backyard
at wimby was very special... i wanted to see if i could beat him at
his house too!"... although i'd be surprised if their hitting sessions
*didn't* contain some really competitive moments (obviously, they're
both great champs with strong competitive streaks), and while i reckon
pete would want to bring out something special now and then, with
roger looking to show his own fantastic tennis too, i really don't
think roger's comment is meant in a derogatory fashion to pete. i
mean, i'm sure roger wants to beat pete's records but there's no lack
of respect in that interview for pete, either as a player or a man. he
does seem genuinely surprised at how well pete was playing... even
now, i still think they could put on a great exhibition!

like a lot of sports, the relationship between the two men/rivals (if
they can be called rivals, in terms of their respective pursuit of
greatness) is almost certainly better than it is between their
respective sets of fans!! hehe :o)

interesting to hear fed comment how the locker room would be very
quiet when pete came in because of the respect other players had for

favourite part was towards the end of the interview where roger notes
how he was happy that pete was "still enjoying his tennis and back
into it again after being golfed out"... backs up what others here
have been saying - those who've been lucky enough to see him live! (i
haven't seen pete play live since wimby 2001). underneath his tennis
demeanour was an emotional, intense and driven champion who, while not
as eloquent as andre could be (when he wasn't being just a little too
fake/contrived), had plenty of wit and strength of will to be
compelling. now that he's doing it with a smile on his face, what's
not to like?

all in all, i don't think fed came across as anything other than a
great credit to tennis and its heritage in this interview. great

all the best,

wenquan lee