Tokyo Draw/Rest O Year in Women's Tennis Thoughts

Tokyo Draw/Rest O Year in Women's Tennis Thoughts

Post by B » Mon, 27 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Well, looking at the Tokyo draw, it would seem that Hingis has
a red-carpet to the finals against Graf, or so one would hope...

The seeds Graf would play are Majoli (I'd expect Graf to win) and
then either Martinez or Schultz in the semi's.  Either competitor
can play Graf closely.

I avoided reading all of the Graf Lost!!! posts, but I will add
my two cents on the issue.  Coetzer has been problematic for Graf
in the past, and has beaten her as we all know.  Graf had been
struggling to find her form throughout the tournament, as well.
What is most significant to me, though, is that Graf was returning
to the tour very *early* this year compared to recent years in
which she skipped the Oz Open.  To return to the tour two weeks
early in really hot conditions may have very well taken it's toll.

Now, that's not meant to say that Graf shouldn't have won her
match v. Coetzer and the tournament.  But to say that she is
washed up or finished is a bit silly in my estimation.  Perhaps
this loss will start another Grand Slam winning streak...

Anywho, back to the Tokyo draw, considering how well Hingis was
playing in Oz, I'm not really sure who could challenge her.  Perhaps
Zvereva, who knows her game well (I assume) being her doubles partner?
Too, Hingis and Davenport have played some close matches...

As far as the rest of the year is concerned, it looks as if Sanchez
Vicario, Seles, and Rubin might struggle.  Seles and Rubin don't
have many upcoming committments, and the field is getting too deep
for ASV to stick with her old game--she needs to change it up and
quick, or else might not be a contenda much longer.

Hingis, of course, will be the player to watch, but I'm still
keeping an eye on Capriati, too.

Just some thoughts.