Philly Draw--Thoughts

Philly Draw--Thoughts

Post by B » Tue, 12 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I've got issues...

First, the draw is stinky!  I mean, what up with Frazier v. Habsudova
as a first round match?  What a bummer for these two talents.

And where is McNeil?  I see that she's playing doubles...

And speaking of doubles, can someone explain these pairings?
  Davenport and Novotna as the no. 1 seeds
  G. Fernandez and Martinez (OK, I guess I understand that one) at 3
  MJ Fernandez and Rubin at 2

I understand their seedings, it's the pairings that took me off...

Finally, Graf's half is chock full of competition.  Wiesner v. Majoli
as a first round match?!  Rubin would do well to get past Ruano
Pascal, but methinks either Wiesner or Majoli would be a bit much for
her in the second round.

I'm intrigued too by Tauziat v. Garrison Jackson and Coetzer v. Paulus.
The most compelling match up in the lower part of the draw is Gigi
Fernandez v. Lisa Raymond, with the winner earning a shot at Martinez.

Just some thoughts...