Big W Women's Draw Thoughts

Big W Women's Draw Thoughts

Post by Byron P. McCra » Wed, 18 Jun 1997 04:00:00

OK, I'll weigh in with my thoughts and random predictions for this
year's Wimbeldon...let's start with the women:

The top quarter is stacked with people who could really hurt Hingis:
Begerow in rd 2, and either Raymond or Arendt in rd 3.  Capriati,
Applemans, and Frazier are all in that group, too, but seeded to
face Schultz-McCarthy first.  Hingis should surface in the quarters
with her greatest challenge being Schultz if they meet in the Rd of

Tami Whitlinger Jones might pester Davenport in the first round, but
otherwise, I expect Davenport to reach the quarters, as well.

Majoli appears to have an easy route to the Rd of 16, as well.  Gigi
Fernandez v. Oremans in the first round might be neat, and either
should challenge Spirlea for the right to face Majoli in the rd of 16.

Martinez has an ugly draw--Habsudova in the first round is an upset
in the making.  Sukova or McNeil lurk as extremely difficult third
round matches, as well.  Rubin v. Kournikova in the first round looks
great.  If Martinez goes out early, the door is wide open for Rubin to
advance deep into the tournament.  I'm going to go waaaaaaaaay out on
a limb, and pick Rubin over Huber in three sets in the 3rd round. I
know, wishful fan thinking...


Coezter wrangles with Venus in the third round.  Basuki is the player
I'm picking to sneak through her part of the draw, actually...

MJ Fernandez will meet Sawamatsu again (!!!) at Wimbeldon if they both
get to round 3.  Novotna will get an early test in rd 2 from Zvereva.
I expect Novotna to advance past MJ Fernandez in 3 sets to go to the

Arantxa actually has a nice draw--her most formidable opponent would
appear to be Els Callens in rd 3 before possibly meeting Pierce in the
Rd of 16.  Po should be ousted by either Tauziat or Wiesner.  Seles
smoked Tauziat on grass last year, but Natalie has some steam coming
into Wimbly, so their Rd of 16 match should be neat...

SO, with all that said, here are my quarterfinal predictions:

Hingis v. Davenport
Majoli v. Rubin
Basuki v. Novotna
Sanchez Vicario v. Seles