Post-US Open 1993 Pro tournament highlights

Post-US Open 1993 Pro tournament highlights

Post by Christopher Smi » Tue, 14 Sep 1993 08:34:04

As the US Open 1993 fades away, what does pro tennis hold for the rest
of 1993?  It is said that the e***ment or "electricity" of the pro
tour wanes in a given year after the US Open, because no other Grand
Slam tourney lies immediately ahead.

But there is never really a break in the tennis "season," and the ATP
and WTA tours trudge on through the end of the year.  A majority of the
attention will be focused on the indoor tournaments and the year-ending

Here are some of the upcoming major men's and women's tournaments
(where you'll see the top pros playing) this Fall, mostly indoor:

    ATP:   Sydney, AUS          Oct 4-10
           Tokyo, JPN           Oct 11-18
           Stockholm, SWE       Oct 25-31    (Super 9)
           Paris, FRA           Nov 1-7      (Super 9)
           Antwerp, BEL         Nov 8-14    

           ATP Championships    Nov 15-21    
           ATP Doubles Chps     Nov 22-28

    WTA:   Tokyo, JPN           Sep 20-26    (outdoor, I believe)
           Leipzig, GER         Sep 27-Oct 3
           Zurich, SUI          Oct 4-10     (Tier 1)
           Filderstadt, GER     Oct 11-17
           Brighton, GBR        Oct 18-24
           Essen, GER           Oct 25-31  
           Oakland, USA         Nov 1-7
           Philadelphia, USA    Nov 8-14

           ***ia Slims Chps  Nov 15-21

There are also a number of other smaller indoor tournaments that pepper
the tour calendar over the next few weeks.  In addition, the never-ending
clay court season slogs on.  A new twist this year is that there will be
three small ATP clay events in South America in late October - November
(Santiago; Buzios, BRA; Buenos Aires).

Then, there will be Davis Cup, which is sure to provide a few surprises
and thrills.  The remainder of this year's Davis Cup schedule for the
World Group:

           Semifinals           Sep 24-26
           Final                Dec 3-5

See the FAQ for this year's Davis Cup draw.  The USA-Bahamas relegation
tie will be played at the same time as the World Group semifinals.  You
may have heard that Tom Gorman plans to resign his US Davis Cup captain
position after this year, so the upcoming tie will be the last tie in
which he will preside as captain.

During December, the "month off" from the tour (if you want to call it
that), a number of pro exhibitions are typically staged.  By far the
most lucrative of these exhibitions is the Grand Slam Cup, staged in
Munich, Germany (for details, see the FAQ).  This year the Grand Slam
Cup will be held on December 6-12.  Grand Slam Cup winners the past
two years have been Michael Stich and David Wheaton.