US OPEN -- The ins and outs

US OPEN -- The ins and outs

Post by J. Rio » Fri, 23 Aug 2002 10:06:18

i would just skip ashe stadium unless there was a really compelling match on
the day you went, for example an agassi/sampras rematch about half way thru
the open, or something similar. the ashe stadium is too large for tennis.
all other courts is where its at (right up to labor day). armstrong stadium
has a much better match lineup up thru labor day, better than those on ashe
and its open seating, except for courtside. right after labor day, the
matches start thinning out, i wouldnt pay for a courtside seat at arsmtrong
though unless it was the only way to get in the grounds. you could find
night tickets for any evening, day tickets are harder to get, but not
impossible. you can get a grounds pass if you're there by 8-9am any day up
thru labor day. grounds pass do not provide for ashe stadium admission, but
i find i spend the least amount of time in ashe stadium during labor day
weekend. sorry for the length. enjoy it......

> > Any US Open regulars out there know the ins and outs of attending this
> > tournament?  I haven't been in 10 years.  I hear it's next to impossible
> > score good seats in the new Arthur Ashe Stadium.  True?  Is it worth
> > in the top level seats if those are the only tickets to be found?

> > I have been offered box seats in the Louis Armstrong Stadium for 9/3/02
> > session.  Do they ever host any big matches in this stadium anymore?  Is
> > worth buying these?

> > Alright.  Sorry for all the questions, but very e***d about possibly
> > attending this year!

> > Thanks to anyone who can give some help and advice!!

> I honestly didn't find even the top seats to be very bad. The most
> important part, for me, was to get the night matches. The energy level
> at night is much more palpable than day matches, and it's cooler, and
> there's no sun to worry about. If I went back, I would just get night
> match tickets and enjoy New York during the day.

> As for seating, other than being on the ends, I found being on the
> corners better than the sides. You don't have to move your head around
> to see the ball, etc. I honestly didn't mind where I sat, as long as
> it wasn't in the sun!

> -David