Thoughts on Sanchez Vicario (Women's Final in Tokyo(Spoilers))

Thoughts on Sanchez Vicario (Women's Final in Tokyo(Spoilers))

Post by John Olivei » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00


>After an excellent year in 1994 (for her standard at least), Sanchez
>is having a relatively poor 1995. One of the few good matches she
>played all year is probably the Wimbledon final. Since that match,
>Sanchez has had quite a few bad losses. In fact, Tokyo is the first
>final Sanchez manages to reach since Wimbledon.

Strage, isn't it, how Sanchez went downhill after playing so well
on a surface that was suppose to be her weakest? What's stranger
still is how she has mirrored the Sabatini of 1991. Think of the
similarities. Both shouldn't play well on grass, yet they push
one of the finest grasscourt players (true, Steffi wasn't 100
percent on either occasion) to the limit. Now Sanchez is going
into, what looks like, a Sabatinian slump, altough she still has
a ways to go to get there. :)

What I personally found rather interesting was how someone at
TENNIS magazine  (can't think of her name, but she picked Sanchez
to win the Open) thought that *after* Arantxa's surprising
Wimbledon performance that she'd be ready to move ahead of Steffi
for good. I VIVIDLY remember similar sentiments expressed by such
people as Steve Flink (Tennis Illustrated) Peter Bodo (Tennis)
after Sabatini was stopped by Graf in the '91 Wimbledon final. I
believe Mr. Flink said that Steffi's 3rd Wimbledon title would
probably her last big trophy, and Mr. Bodo echoed those thoughts,
more or less. In fact, they both seemed quite sure of themselves
that Sabatini would move ahead of Graf for good. Of course,
Steffi now has since doubled her Wimbledon trophies, while
Sabatini has just as many as she had back in 1991, zero.

The real question is, "Will Arantxa learn from Gaby's mistakes?"
Or *is* there no lesson to be learned there for Ms. Bumblebee? I
mean, I'm not that surprised Sabatini hasn't been winning Slam
events, but she should be winning between 3 to 5 titles a year.
Hopefully, Arantxa will not go into oblivion for two and a half