quater final prediction (lower bracket)

quater final prediction (lower bracket)

Post by big ben » Thu, 27 Mar 2003 15:43:50

capriati v. shaughnessy
        too bad venus lost in the 4th round since a williams/capriati
        match always attracts interest.  but i'm sure that capriati is
        sure pleased.

        i think that after a big win against venus in the 4th round
        shaughnessy is going to be flat for this one.  i expect
        capriati to win this one easily in 2 sets.

henin-hardenne v. rubin
        rubin can definitely win this one, but i think that henin-hardenne
        will win.  if the first set is close, my guess is that it will go
        3 sets and is anyone's match.  if henin-hardenne wins the first
        set easily then i think it's a straight set win.

looking at this lower bracket my thinking is that there is a real possibility
that the final will be a rematch from last year.  i would imagine that cbs is
hoping for a rematch since that is the matchup with the best television
ratings potential.