F2 Vega or Seatrend 99

F2 Vega or Seatrend 99

Post by Kirk Lindstr » Thu, 27 Aug 1992 23:36:08

>    Oh, a few considerations here.  The reason I'm looking at the really
>big boys is because I weigh 220.  I've tried an older ~9.5 ft Fanatic board
>(can't think of the name right now) on the marginal days, with a 7.2 sail.
>When everyone else is getting along fine, I'm just bobbing :(.  I also sail
>in a place where it can shut down almost completely, without too much
>warning, so I'd like something that would "float" me in if it needed to
>(Ever been out on a Sputnik, with a 3.9 and have everything disappear?).
>Tim Costello

I think those older boards didn't have the big, wide, floaty tails.  I'd
consider either:
-Mistral Explode:  9'4", 130L, VERY wide tail and light 17 or 19 lbs
 depending on material.
-Velocity (used):  9'9", 160L (heavy but fast).

The Mistral should carry a 7.4 with no problem and the Velocity I have
carries a 7.5 very well with room in the mast track to go bigger.

Maybe I should sell my Velocity and 7.5 North TCC (for the right offer)
since now that I pump better, I can get my 9'3" with a 6.7 on a plane
in very light wind (maybe 12 knots?).  The lighter boards pump up
much easier since they are so light, but they cost alot.

Kirk out
8'8" Challange Flex, 8'11" & 9'3" ASD epoxy, 9'9" Velocity & 11'6" Malibu