WHICH MAST? 460 or 490?

WHICH MAST? 460 or 490?

Post by Taz » Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hey fellow Windsurfers,
The questions is what mast.
I have a Mistral 298 with three sails (Sailworks Bravo 6.5 (97?), Sailworks
Quatro 5.6, Gastra 4.7 (very old))  and one fibre-glass mast 460 (which is
now permanently bent).
Obviously I need a bigger sail and now a new mast. So my questions are:
1. Would a 490 work on the 6.5??? Since if I purchased a bigger sail- 8.0+
then it would also do the job.
2. Does it matter on windy days to use the the fibre-glass mast? (ie. I
won't know the difference between a carbon mast and a fibre-glass mast when
I am using the 5.6 or 4.7).
3. What brand?
My wet suit stink...Any hints on cleaning it?

WHICH MAST? 460 or 490?

Post by Philip Ma » Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00


an interesting question.
Obviously the best is to have both masts, If you intend on staying
with sailworks and getting an 8.0 Retro the 490 will work fine. I have
a 9.5 Retro and the recommended mast is a 490 as well. This works
better than running a bigger mast as the sail likes a softer mast.
(I do use a Fixed base extention to get the length I need)

The 460 however is the most popular mast and wil make all your other
sail work best.

Right now I have some great deals on Fiberspars in most sizes.
Let me know if I can help you get the masts you need.

You may also post a new message with the Works RETROS-
Bruce Peterson will most likely answer bast and he know more about
this subject than any one.


Oh yeah on the wetsuits-- Wetsuit shampoo works great and try not to
wiz in them!

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