Windsurfing near La Rochelle (France)

Windsurfing near La Rochelle (France)

Post by Dave Lum » Fri, 25 Jun 1993 21:09:10

This summer I'll be heading for France for a couple of weeks in August.

I'm trying to find out about the windsurfing oportunities and conditions
around La Rochelle.  I've read an article on the islands (Ile de Re and Ile
d'Oleron) but any direct experience of either island would be most

I'll be taking a 2.75m custom slalom (~95l-100l) and a Bic Bamba. Sails from
3.8m to 6.6m.

Advice on the best sailing spots, typical wind/sea conditions, shoreline
(rocks etc) and camping sites would be very useful.

In previous years I've visited Carnac (in Brittany), Royan and the lakes
west of Bordeaux. Comparisons with these areas would be of interest.

Thanks in advance for any info, tips etc.

        Dave Lumby
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