how do I fix my epoxy board?

how do I fix my epoxy board?

Post by Karol Gieszczykiewi » Sat, 17 Aug 1991 09:39:09

        Hi dudes! I just got me a Klepper epoxy-PC wind surfing
        board. I found some minor and some major cracks and dings
        both on the upper surface and deep under the fin box.
        I'm not sure if water has leaked in....

        My problem: None of the catalogs that I get has a repair kit
        for my board. They said that their stuff would not stick
        to my board.

        Do any of you have an address of a place that stocks this stuff?
        I would prefer something close to home, Pittsburgh PA (USA).

        Help me get this thing going before the end of the season!

        Like, totally tubular, dudes!