AHD vs. Berky

AHD vs. Berky

Post by Eric Warshowe » Fri, 01 May 1998 04:00:00

Stefen, My friend,

First, I never wrote that I kicked anybody's but.

Second, I never said AHD are better than Berky's.

Third, nobody on a berky is constantly blowing us away. As far as i
remember, out of 5 races on sunday, 4 were won on AHD. Of the first 3
places, 2 were AHD (1st and 3rd.)

ANYWAYS, Regardless of the outcome of the races, Both BErky's and AHD
are excellent boards. I've always said so and never compared one to the
other. I believe Berky was even selected as pro choice on the WS
magazine right? I used to sail Berky up to some short time ago and I've
always said they are EXCELLENT boards. you know it.

personal message from here on

If your team riders are constantly blowing AHD riders away, why are the
race 4)

Maybe they are blowing us away IN THEIR DREAMS!!!!

You and me, saturday, 11:00, punta las marias to caballo challenge, ida
y vuelta, don't chicken out this time!

no te lo tomes a mal chico. pero nunca dijimos que le estamos dando pela
a nadie ni el ni yo. hablar de lo bueno que eres es de patos!

saludos, y un abrazo stefen



> AHD boards can't even be compared to BERKY do to there
> are in a different league. Mistral, F2, BIC, Pro Tech and AHD
> could be compared together but not with a BERKY. Once
> you own a BERKY or if you already do you will know what I
> am talking about. Jaime T and Eric W. keep talking about
> how the AHD are kikking ass here in Puerto Rico but that is a
> bunch of CRAP. There are 3 or 4 guys who own BERKY that
> will constantly blow them away. They know it's true we know
> it's true.