Cheap 'n' cheerful Surrey windsurfing venue

Cheap 'n' cheerful Surrey windsurfing venue

Post by Helen Gera » Tue, 20 May 1997 04:00:00

Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club is looking for new members, and we welcome
windsurfers as well as sailors. We've no pretensions to being a short board
venue, but for those earlier on in the learning curve (or later in the time
curve...) we could be just the place. And if it does come up to a force 6
(like the other weekend) you'll have near exclusive access because that's too
much for all but our toughest Lasers and ISOs.

All the details are on

Windsurfers can be on the water summer Tuesday evenings, Saturday afternoons
April to October and Sunday from 1pm all year. Clean wind over 122 acres,
grass rigging area and any direction will do!

Membership 100 per annum, 30 joining fee and 12 board fee, with a
storage rack if you want. All race and rescue duties are done by the members,
but the rules are just changing so that windsurf-only members do reduced
duties to compensate for slightly reduced access. Who knows, you might even
pick up a second string as a dinghy sailor!

contact me if you need more info.

Helen (who could never get further than uphaul and fall in!)

Laser 49813 'Yellow Submarine' and trapeze artist for ISO 761:
Life's a reach, and then you gybe.

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