UK Surfers Against Sewage Newsletter

UK Surfers Against Sewage Newsletter

Post by Dave Cheesem » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 21:27:25

I have posted highlights of the latest Surfers Against Sewage newsletter
on my World Wide Web site at:

Note that to read the stories behind the headlines you will have to join
SAS, or at least buy a copy of the newsletter from them. It doesn't cost
much, and they are doing a very important job.

SAS are the main UK Pressure Group representing UK Surfers and
Windsurfers. Their objectives are  Clean Beaches and Water for All! Most
UK beaches do not meet EEC guidelines, and many people experience various
illnesses as a result of windsurfing and other activities in coastal
areas. Despite this there is little real effort to solve the problems.
They can be contacted at:

Surfers Against Sewage
The Old Counthouse Warehouse
Wheal Kitty
Cornwall, UK
Tel: 01872 553001
Fax: 01872 552615

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VMARK Software Ltd.,                Fax:   +44 1908 234992

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UK Surfers Against Sewage Newsletter

Post by Jeremy Johns » Fri, 10 Mar 1995 03:26:32

Seconded.  Well worth a few quid.  Even the Surfrider Foundation were
impressed when they came over recently.