Partial Retraction (was: More Mail Order Complaints)

Partial Retraction (was: More Mail Order Complaints)

Post by HUFFMAN BRADLEY » Thu, 23 Jul 1992 06:12:17

Tuesday, July 21

Just received a call from Windsurfing Express, they said they received
my letter complaining about the $10.90 shipping and handling charge for
two fins.  The man said "yes" they had made a mistake and where going
to credit my account.  I ask why the customer service guy I talked to
last week insisted it wasn't a mistake, but he didn't know (one of these
days I'll learn to write down the name of person I'm talking too).
Anyway, I feel obligated to post a partial retraction for some of the ***
things I wrote about them last week (but not all!).  I still think their
shipping charges (along with the other mail-order houses) are getting a
little to *unrealistic* (see thread "Shipping a Brick" posted earlier).

After this experience, no longer will I just pickup the phone with VISA
in hand and call without first doing a little figuring.  Unfortunately,
here in Okiehoma, there aren't too many Windsurfing Shops and mail-order
is about the only game in town, but living in the middle of tornado alley
does have it's advantages.



Partial Retraction (was: More Mail Order Complaints)

Post by Tom Alber » Tue, 28 Jul 1992 23:49:19

A friend of mine just ordered a set of footstraps from Sailboard Warehouse.
He said "Only if you have black in stock right now."  He received green
straps.  He's sending them back.  If you use a credit card, you will get
credit if you call or write to the credit card company.  They always side
with the consumer.