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Contact Vela at there 800 number. Call 800 information to get
the number. They usually hire people for their resorts based on
previous experience at resorts or teaching at high volume
locations (i.e. the Gorge, etc). Ask them to send you
their brochure, so you can get an idea of their locations.

Usually, they have a high turnover because, no
matter what people say, most people really don't enjoy spending
the winter in a third world country.

I believe they usually start first time people for Cancun, then
you can move around the next season if you're inclined. Note that
Cancun only had(when I kept track) spaces for 2 non-local(non-Mexican)
instructors, so expect a bit of competition.

I have known several instructors at Vela over the years, and none
of them have spoken Spanish (initially) beyond the resort mandatory
"Una cervesa mas, por favor" :-)  Nevertheless, your Spanish may make
getting along with the locals quite a bit easier, as Vela has to
take lots of equipment in and out of countries and past customs agents,
shipping agents, etc., none of whom necessarily have a cooperative

You may also try any of the resorts advertised in Windsurfing Magazine,
or at the rags at your local windsurfing shops.

Club Med has some windsurfing, but I don't have any idea what level
they are looking for, or how much they emphasize sailing.

Good luck,

Jaime Cordera

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