Late Report Floras Lake

Late Report Floras Lake

Post by Walt Men » Thu, 16 Jul 1992 03:08:53

Late report from the Floras Lake (Oregon) Speed Check.

Overall the event was great, although the wind did not fully
cooperate.  The first two days (Wed. & Thru.) were spent basking in the
wonderful sun of southern Oregon!  What, sun on the Oregon coast?
Ya, it was really nice.  Floras lake is right on the coast about
80 miles north of the Oregon/Calif border.  The camp ground and the
whole facility are great.  If you're looking for a place to sail and
camp that's not to crowded, (yet), this is it.  It's so close to the
ocean you can sail across the lake and then carry your gear to the
beach and sail the waves.  Nice.

Friday, Sat the wind blew but just barely. Is it some rule that
when there's an event there's no wind?  Must be.  Anyway, there was
enough to set the course but when my wife, at 110 lbs, is on my 6.2sm
and 9'1" board, you know it's light.  The top speed was 31mph, with most
30 and under.  Things got a little crazy on Sunday when the wind did
really start picking up, over 40 wild sailors after not much wind for
4 days, so in the frenzy someone hit the timing system twice, the same
guy to, and broke it.  But enough runs were made to complete the even.

Other than that the rest of the event was excellent.  The local shop
that co-sponsered the event, Big Air, out of Bandon, Oregon, really
did a bang up job.  There was sponsered dinners, a band from Hood River,
and so many giveaways after all the competators got something, the rest
were given to spectators.  Good stuff to, booms, fins, appearal, and
such.  Tommy Pritzer (sp?) was there and gave a board design talk, very
interesting.  Randy French from Seatrend was there also, but all he did
was sail :-)

Floras lake looks like a great place to vacation, good sailing and a
pleasant place to camp.  Big Air also has good prices, no sales tax,
and owners who live sailing.  They've sailed over 120 days this year
so far, and does it blow, two days this year with wind over 100 mph,
but I don't think they have 0.5 sm sails!! :-)   If interested give
them a call,  503-347-4520, they have all the info on Floras lake.

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