Annapolis swap meeting

Annapolis swap meeting

Post by David Ho » Tue, 02 Apr 1996 04:00:00

        I was at the swap meeting on the weekend, and came away a little
concerned for the health of the sport.  Maybe I'm paranoid, but when I
see a guy pull up and try to sell his boards, sail quiver, accessories
AND BRAND NEW VAN because he is getting married, it worries me!  
Seriously, it was good to see the industry reps there, but it seemed as
if most people were selling and no-one was buying, especially the big
ticket items such as boards and sails, even though there was a good
selection of "hardly used" gear for fair prices.  I guess it means there
are still some very full garages today.  Thanks to East of Maui for the day.

Annapolis swap meeting

Post by Q » Wed, 03 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I too am concerned, but only til I remember it's a buyers market.  The
swap meets in NC have been kind of weak, too.  People selling stuff for
the cash to pay the credit card bill on the new stuff and nobody buying.
It means that the new equipment market is good, but there aren't as many

I buy most of my equipment used in small increments (>$250) so I'm happy.
I just bought a Bic Adagio for $250 with base and fin that was headed for
that very swap meet.  However, the person was putting off WSing for school
and maybe getting out of the sport!

We at State are trying to teach new WS'ers at a rate of 4-12 a semester.
It is a challenge to all of us to bring in new people for the health of
the sport!!  Let's all do our part!  Maybe one newbie a year/person?

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