more info columbia gorge park permit.

more info columbia gorge park permit.

Post by DanL 121 » Wed, 23 Nov 1994 03:55:18

Want more information.  How much for the permit?  Are all vehicles one
price? How is it policed? Is permit for all of the gorge?

My response:

As my previous post said,  this is a questionnaire sent to me by Columbia
Gorge Windsurf  Association.  It was touched on that it would be a system
not unlike the SNO-PARK in this area.  For those unfamilar with SNO-PARK
it is a daily or yearly permit that goes in the windsheld. You need one to
park in any ski area or parks department area during the season.  This is
to target the users to help with the cost of plowing the roads and other
maintenance needed.  The cost, I believe (I've not skied for 6 yrs), is
about $15 yearly and $2.50 daily.  All  vehicles are the same and it's
enforced by the parks department.  (You get a ticket without a permit).
The permit to windsurf would work to make launches safer, examples would
be signaled railroad crossing (Big Problems) better launches (pea
gravel,better parking).  The sites that are under threat are: Viento
CLOSED, West Doug's CLOSED  The event site proposed CLOSURE for 95 so port
can store rocks,  and as always the Hatchery, Swell City, Doug's beach are
being threatened with closure. All sites other than the Event Site are
safety issues.  I'm a member but live in Portland so I'm slightly out of
the loop, and get my info through meetings of C.G.W.A   and their
newsletter.  CGWA is all volunteers and works with the Parks department
Railways,  Highway, and all other agencies to promote windsurfing and try
to solve problems to help keep our sites open.  We also do clean ups and
have started a youth windsurfing program. Mailing address for C.G.W.A. is:
 CGWA, PO Box 182, Hood River, OR 97031.  

P.S. The proposed permit would be for all of the Gorge.


more info columbia gorge park permit.

Post by Roger M. Christ » Wed, 30 Nov 1994 00:04:36


>... The sites that are under threat are: ... West Doug's CLOSED ...

It isn't just Doug's West that is closed.  It is ANY site on the Washington
side of the river that is accessed from State Highway 14 without a railroad
gate crossing.  This means The Narrows, East Cooks, Tunnel 1, Tunnel 4, Tunnel
5, Chicken Charlie's (or whatever it's called), West Doug's West, East Doug's
and probably some more I don't know about.

The reason for closure is that the Burlington Northern Railroad is concerned
about the danger of people crossing their railroad at locations without
crossing gates.  This not only affects windsurfers, but people who fish, swim,
sightsee, etc.

So, if the site can only be accessed by crossing the Burlington Northern
Railroad tracks at a location where a crossing gate is not present, it is
unlawful to cross there.  If someone out there knows what the penalty is for
accessing the site illegally, please post it.