Fin savers for Powertrim Fin box

Fin savers for Powertrim Fin box

Post by Cliff Nail US - 2 » Tue, 11 Oct 1994 11:06:02

Hello fellow shreders,

       I just recently purchased a Bic Tempo (1994 model).   I was wondering
if there was any type of fin savers so that when sailing in
lakes like I do, your board and fin are protected.  In my 1993 Astro Rock this
is no big deal because it has a standard fin box and I have fin saver nuts to
place in the fin track.  On a powertrim fin box where the fin is mounted and
held in from the top of the board, any fin/board protection seems unlikely.  I
thought I would ask anyway because I thought someone might have a good Idea!

Cliff Nail
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Fin savers for Powertrim Fin box

Post by MclAl » Thu, 13 Oct 1994 01:14:08

US - 227) writes:

I have just had a bad experience with a fin saver, (I'm also a fellow 1994
Bic Tempo owner but that's another story)'s what happened:

While sailing in 2 foot chop on a 9-4 Seatrend I suddenly started
cavitating badly, and then did a 180 degree spin.  What happened was the
brass barrel of the fin saver tab pulled out of the plastic main piece.
The fin swung out, now only held in by the rear hinge on the fin.  All
that force on 1" of fin/finbox broke the finbox AND the fin.

I've been using these fin protectors for three that time I've
never needed the "run aground" protection, but I just ran up a few hundred
bucks in repair and replacement costs because of the failure of this $6