Mid Winter Spring

Mid Winter Spring

Post by mbri.. » Tue, 20 Feb 1996 04:00:00

While the rest of the States are getting hammered by winter weather, here in
New Mexico we're having a very mild and dry winter. All of our moisture and
"weather" has been blocked by  %#!?*%!! high pressure for over a month now.

Yesterday (Sunday 2-18-96) there was a crack in the high which resulted in NM
having a great warm and "blowing dust" day. Some of the over 100 mph upper
level winds at ~25,000 ft mixed down to the ground. Since most of our 4000-7000
elevation sailing spots are closer to the upper levels of the atmpsphere, we're
under a greater influence for those wonderful "rivers of wind." Folks had to
dig pretty deep into their quivers to find those 4.2 to 4.9 sails at Elephant
Butte Lake. The water temps (~52) are at mid-March levels already.  

And for you financial shredders out there: Automobile air filter stock prices
are sure to rise after NM empties all the auto parts store shelves.

Barry Ritchey "NM-0"
New Mexico Windsurfing Association