Mistral Edge CGI

Mistral Edge CGI

Post by Tim Hoga » Mon, 16 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I am looking for a higher wind board, to complement my 298cm 137L light wind
board.  I have run across a Mistral Edge CGI for a good price.  I would
appreciate any comments on how suitable it would be for my purposes:

- Carve Jibing
- Chop hopping/Jumping
- Speed in medium/high wind on small/medium lakes (scary fast, yeah!)
- Friendly/durable enough to take the abuse of someone learning the above.

Some more relevant info:

Weigh 160lbs, waterstart, make most jibes in light/medium winds on present
board, still trying to carve all way through jibes, having trouble getting
into the air with my present board (technique? Board too big?).  I sail on
lakes, and would like to know if this board can handle 4.5M-6.0M conditions
well in a lake which has chop/swell up to 3 feet max (crest to trough) in those
kind of winds. Typically winds are very gusty in my location, when they are
that strong (which is not often enough!).  Any other board suggestions for my
situation appreciated. Thanks a lot for any help!