News Rover -- Automated newsgroup search/download/decode - 1522 0405040425 EFO

News Rover -- Automated newsgroup search/download/decode - 1522 0405040425 EFO

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Please consider that your newsgroup utilization can be vastly
improved with the use of News Rover.

Full information about this product is available at:


Here is a list of some of the features:

   o   Scans newsgroups you specify while you sleep, work, and play.

   o   Decodes attached files of all types (UUencoded and MIME base64).

   o   Automatically downloads messages and attached files so that they are
       available for instant access when you are ready to review them.

   o   Finds messages based on include and/or exclude criteria to help
       you find a needle in a haystack and eliminate spam.  You can even
       use complex selection expressions with AND, OR, NEAR and NOT.

   o   Displays a picture gallery of collected thumbnail size images with
       quick-action keys to delete, view full size, and save to permanent

   o   Remembers files already extracted and eliminates duplicates

   o   Supports multiple "interest groups," each with sets of newsgroups,
       selection expressions, message database, and picture gallery.

   o   Operates on a schedule you set up to use your phone line only
       when you want it to.

   o   Saves parts of multi-part files, searches for the missing
       parts, and rebuilds the entire file when the last part arrives.
       It even combines parts found on different days and in different

   o   Automatically dials the provider and hangs up the phone when it
       is finished.

   o   News Rover is multi-threaded so you can read messages and view
       pictures while it downloads and decodes more messages.

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