Santa has connections...

Santa has connections...

Post by n.. » Sat, 08 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Question:   What is a simple, inexpensive, and convenient way to start
            this  year off in a FUN, intriguing, and romantic fashion?
            (Santa must have been holding out on this one!)

Answer:     Dateline!

Now that Christmas is over and you have given everyone else presents,
it's time to treat yourself to something nice..........that  someone
special.  Someone  to share  in your hobbies,  your interests,  your
lifestyle, your LIFE.

Dateline is the perfect way to  find someone and be found!   Dateline
gives you the forum to seek out others whom you find interesting, and
let others know about you!  And the best part is - you are in control
of what happens.  Call  often to  leave and receive  lots of messages
(remember - this service is HUGE and  there  are so many  people from
all  the area codes across the country calling in to find people just
like you!),  or  call  in as little as you like and leave and receive
a few selective messages. You can also call just once to see what the
heck it is all about.   Whether  you are a  little  shy  or  outgoing  
in the biggest  of  ways - it is a simple and inexpensive way to find
other singles.  It is amazing how much fun people have with Dateline!

It is so convenient! You can call in from anywhere at anytime to give
and get your messages.  This is a 24 hour service and  you just punch
in whichever area code you  are interested in -  whether it is in the
place you  live or the  places you go!  And it is really super if you
relocate  and want to  meet up  with  guys  and  gals  who share your
interests  and would  love to  show  you around!  (No wonder Santa is
always so jolly - his sleigh phone has the Dateline speed dialed in!)

                       1-900-484-7009 ext. 5241

                $2.99/min.  Must be 18 years or older.

                        Serv-U (619) 645-8434

Make this your Happy New Year's Resolution:   To call  Dateline today
and start  giving  and receiving those personal messages! Join in the
fun - and don't keep those folks who want  to  meet you waiting until
next Christmas..........