my news feed will be cut

my news feed will be cut

Post by Craig Goud » Sun, 10 Oct 1993 06:52:20

        There are rumblings about cutting all non-company related

        all to know that I've really enjoyed this news group.  I've
        gotten a lot of real info that would have taken me years
        of experience to find, and it has improved my sailing and
        entertained me continuously.  Thanks for all the info
        and conversation, and if anybody knows where this stuff really
        resides maybe I could at least continue to read it if you
        would email me the address.  The way things go around here
        it could be years before this happens or it could be tomorrow.
        If it's years then you'll still see my babblings in here, if
        not, well then you won't have to put up with reading them
        (or your kill programs will have one less entry to deal with).

        May you always rig dead on in your favorite wind range,


        8'10" Bailey jump, 9'9" Sailboards Maui
        Wt 155#, Ht 6'3", Usually sail on high desert lakes near SLC in Ut
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