o'brien pro-am

o'brien pro-am

Post by david harv » Sat, 02 Feb 1991 11:16:03

JD> If you are still interested in one. I just got the latest DAMARK
JD> catolog and to my surprise on page 46, they advertise an O'Brien
JD> Pro-Am complete with a Neil Pryde RAF 6.0 sail for only... wait
JD> for it... $$299.99 plus $29.00 S/H  wowww!! tempting isn't it!

JD> DAMARK's toll-free phone # 800-729-9000 (orders)
JD>                                 800-729-4744 (product info)


This sounds like a great deal, however, I have a problem.  For some
reason, DAMARK will not send a catalog to me here in Canada.  I can call
toll free, I can order, but I can't get a catalog!

They suggested that I get someone in the US to order a catalog, and then ship it
on up to me.  I wonder if I could impose upon you to do this for me.  I will
send you a cheque to reimburse you for any costs for the catalog and/or
postage charges.

My address is:

   David Harvey
   357 Palmerston Blvd.
   Toronto, Ontario
   M6G 2N5

Thanks for your help,
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