Fresh Water Denizens of the Deep

Fresh Water Denizens of the Deep

Post by Daniel=Donahoe%Rel=Eng%PCPD=.. » Wed, 30 Nov 1994 01:53:56

I wondered if any of you "netters" might be able to fill me in on creatures
who inhabit fresh water.

I've been sailing at a place half way to Corpus Christi from Houston.
Very few people sail there, but the winds are often the best along the
Texas coast this time of year. We had maybe an hour of 15G30 mph
Saturday. I think Brownsville may have had similar wind.

I worry about all the fresh water creatures. My buddies laugh at my
concern, of course. Here in Texas, we have alligators, water moccasins
and large gar. My buddy saw a gar bigger than his board. I hit one just powering
out thru the shore wind shadow, but I was barely moving. All I saw was the
bottom yellow belly. The people at the headquarters tole me they've
seen the alligators eat small deer at the water front.

I wondered if any of you have Biology backgrounds? Do these
creatures (snakes and alligators) avoid open water? Are they afraid
or do they aviod chop and wind? Or are we just lucky?

No windsurfers have been bothered. But I doubt that more than a couple
dozen people have frequented the location. There are some summer
water skiers and jet skiers. Over all, there are few people in the water.

Please let me know if you can add any good info. It's really a good place
for this time of year around here.

I'm not worried about sharks and rays in the salt water. Jellyfish are just
something I've become accustomed to. But this warm  fresh water stuff is
new to me.


Dan D.


Fresh Water Denizens of the Deep

Post by Dan Fish » Wed, 30 Nov 1994 12:51:43

: Re: Denizens. Don't know much about fresh water threats (a gator ate a
dog in Clear Lake last year, for what it's worth...) but would like to
know where this mystery spot is on the way to Corpus. I've noticed the
wind tends to be stronger 10-20 miles inland, especially the further
south you go. Maybe that's why Corpus Bay is often better than the
island. Please followup with the mystery site, if you're willing to share...