New Knotting Newsgroup? (RFD: rec.crafts.knots)

New Knotting Newsgroup? (RFD: rec.crafts.knots)

Post by MTVNewsG » Sat, 15 Mar 1997 04:00:00

It's unlikely that watches will leave the analog display domain...the
ability to glance at the hands of a watch (as opposed to a digital watch
which must be read) makes the display more usefull.  It's the same reason
digital speedometers suck...they require more focus from the user,
distracting you from what's more important.


New Knotting Newsgroup? (RFD: rec.crafts.knots)

Post by RusL » Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:00:00

>The double figure of eight is one of the most used knots in
>climbing alongside the double fisherman, I have never seen these knots
>in active use elsewhere.

I am not sure if the poster of this is from this newsgroup, but if the
knot referred to as the "double figure of eight" is a figure eight tied
on the bite with the head loop pulled over the entire knot to form two
separate loops, then they are mistaken is saying it is one of the most
used knots in climbing. I have been climbing, abseiling, caving,
prussiking, and a whole other manner of ropework activities for many
years and I have never needed to tie this knot. It is a rather poor knot
as it can very easily be tied incorrectly, and it is difficult to dress
the knot making it rather bulky. I have also heard that if only one of
the loops in weighted, the knot can untie itself. I have never been
recommended this knot for climbing, nor would I ever trust my life to

As for windsurfing, I can't think of an application for it. Perhaps if
you wanted to tie both the mainsail and the spinaker onto the top of the
mast you could use it. But then when you need to pull down the spinaker
and stuff it away in the harness pouch when coming off a run, you would
need to untie and retie the knot. A difficult mid reach trick indeed,
and you would need an arm-span thrice your body length.

Enough said.

By the way, NLWTFW, I did get me some of 'dem funky footstraps for my
Storm9 board. And yes, I did rip out the fin when I grounded on a
sandbar, but I just hit the thing back in with a *** mallet and I
smeared heaps of that epoxy stuff all round the thing. Ahh... the
advantages of cheap gear. No wuckin' forries.