Montly Post: FAQ's and pic's by ftp

Montly Post: FAQ's and pic's by ftp

Post by Jack Greenba » Thu, 18 Jun 1992 04:29:07

This is a monthly posting to make all rec.windsurf'ers aware of the files
available by anonymous ftp on ( in the
directory /pub/windsurf.

Gorge-info    Common questions about sailing the Columbia River Gorge.

              More useful info from Wilton about sailing and vacationing
              in the Corpus Christi TX area.

SF-info       Windsurfing shops and launch sites in the San Francisco

wind-numbers  Phone numbers for various wind reporting services
              throughout the nation compiled from net postings. Please
              contribute additions or deletions.

net-weather   A FAQ on obtaining weather data over the Internet.

              *** SEE NOTE BELOW ***

pictures      Subdirectory containing several windsurfing bitmaps in gif
              and jpeg formats (crissy.gif is still my favorite).

threads       Subdirectory containing interesting threads of
              discussion. If you ask a question and get many replies
              then most likely it was a good question that others will
              want an answer to in the future. Send your digest to

              Current threads avaiable :
                contacts        Contact lens experiences
                hatteras        Cape Hatteras sailing info
                upwind          Upwind techniques for shortboards

Please send *anything* you feel should be added to this archive to

I will try to handle e-mail requests from those without ftp access, as
long as the volume is not too high.


Notes for June:

This post is a little later in the month because of a busy conference
and work schedule (and four days of 20kt+ wind :-).

Recently someone sent me a wind report number for the Boston area.
Unfortunately this was lost, please send it to me again.

The UM-WEATHER (telnet 3000) online national
weather service report is down until at least June 19.

A quick glance at the ftp log shows that about 1100 files have been
downloaded from bears in the three months that windsurf stuff has been
available here. Here is a quick breakdown on the frequency:

FAQ's --
        Gorge-info:     28
        SF-info:        35
        Corpus-Christi:  5
        wind-numbers:   38

Threads --
        contacts:       24
        upwind:         17
        hatteras:       13

Pictures -- (Top three)
        crissy.gif:     105
        jibe.gif:        93
        Slalom1.jpb      55

As you can see the pictures are the most popular files, many folk just
grab them all (there is more than a meg there). If you haven't checked
out Juri's .jpeg pictures then I would encourage you to.

Also interesting (at least to me) is that there have been a number of
international logins including the following internet domains: .no .fr
.se .sg .ie .ca .au .nz .uk. The internet is wonderful.

I'd like to take this opportunity for a short comment on netiquette. If
you are commenting on a previous post please only quote the important
parts. There is little need to include a thirty line post only to make
a two line comment.

I hope you all are spending a lot of time on the water. See you out there!

Jack Greenbaum     | UC Santa Barbara

(805) 893-4461     | Santa Barbara, Ca. 93106, USA