FOR SAIL - S.F. Bay Area

FOR SAIL - S.F. Bay Area

Post by Robert Ow » Wed, 24 Mar 1993 03:37:10

                *** San Francisco Bay Area ***

The following equipment is for sale:


1987 F2 Sunset Slalom, 105 liter, 272cm, 8' 11", 9kg., 19.8lb. - $300.
        - The board and rig has been used three times and is in excellent


Windwing Designs Speed 54, Windsure boom, Kilwell mast, WH universal, mast
        pad. This was the custom rig purchased for the Sunset. Complete rig
        for $350. This sail is 54ft2 (5.0m2), and it is a slalom sail,
        (low clew).

Simmer Camberlite '87. 43ft2, 4.0m2. I bought this for those high wind days
        and it has never touched the water! $200.

Neil Pryde RAF Garda. 4.5m2. Used sparingly (2 times). $100.


Wondergym windsurfing exercisor.  $30

DaKine Slalom Seat Harness. $20

HiTech Floation Chest Harness. $20

AirWave seat harness. $15

O'Neill open cell wetsuit gear. Hat, Jacket, and Farmer John, all size M.
        Make an offer if you want them.

Victory Body suit. size ML. $75

RipCurl Body suit. $50

- I've also got miscellaneous gear, line, parts, etc.
  My preference would be to sell everything at once (one can dream), but
  I'll consider a split to suit you. For your information, I'm selling
  because I no longer have the time to spend on the sport, and I am the
  original owner.    

Best regards,
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