Gul Split Toe Booties...

Gul Split Toe Booties...

Post by The Do » Sat, 29 Apr 2006 12:59:50

So we got our first shipment of the new Gul Split Toes in....

I should have known that they wouldn't be as good as the Titanium
booties since they're cheaper.  But they ain't bad either.

There's excellent, all *** construction in the toes (top and
bottom).  But instead of the high durability top found on the
booties, the split toes have a neoprene top.  It definitely makes for
a lighter shoe.  But I think contact with the straps will cause them
to wear much more quickly.  The sole seems to be the standard Gul
medium thick sole.  Strap and drawstring are the same.  

I've not sailed a pair yet, so I don't know if they'll bunch up in
the arch when pushing hard in rough water.  But the $35 tag makes
them some of the least expensive name brand booties I've seen.  

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