F2 Xantos or other light-wind fun slalom boards?

F2 Xantos or other light-wind fun slalom boards?

Post by Ray Saurio » Sun, 15 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Mike I don't think there is a better product on the market for the price
than the xanti at the moment.  They are faster, turn better, jump more
easily and are just way more fun than any of the competition.  I'm 180
and have a 295 which is plenty big enough to do the things your want to
do. A 310 will feel like a mega cat to someone who weiths "only"155.  
have fun

F2 Xantos or other light-wind fun slalom boards?

Post by Rosanne Mifs » Thu, 19 Oct 1995 04:00:00


>I'm considering buying the F2 Xantos.  I'm an intermediate windsurfer,
>weigh 70 kg (155 lb.) and mostly windsurf on lakes (typically
>3-5 Beaufort), though I occasionally go to the Baltic Sea (waves and
>better wind).

>My friend has the F2 Comet 315 Slalom, which is good, especially
>because it planes easily.  I'd like a board that also planes early,
>but with more of the volume in the tail and somewhat quicker
>turning (more slalomy).

>How is the Xantos?  What length would be best (I suppose the 295 is
>somewhat faster than the 310, but occasionally I want to be able to
>slog around without planing and it not be drudgery).  Does it tack
>upwind fairly well?  What's the upper wind limit of such a board?

>What would be some other comparable boards?  Maybe the Fanatic
>Gecko 298?  I'd greatly appreciate any advice.

>Thanks! -- Mike

Hi Mike, in March 95 i purchased a Xantos 295. It seem that I have the
same abilities as you.  But my weight is 195 pounds. This is one fast
planning board.  With my extra weight I have a 6.5 north Spectro and a 5.5
north spectro. I ahve found that a bigger sail would be the way to go for
me. I sail in Canada at a lake north of Toronto called Lake Simcoe. The
winds are best in the spring and fall in CDN. This spring I was getting
use to the new board. Know that the winds are coming I am improving my
gybing but the board is not to blame for my slow learning curve on the
gybing.  I feel that the 295 would be the way to go for you with you
weight. If I was going to do it again I would probably get the 310 but I
do not have that kind of money.  If you buy the xantos just ckeck out the
foot straps. My original set was small but I had tham changed out for an
updated size. It seems that F2 had small foot straps with the new boards
issued. They say the boards are now shipped with the proper size.

There are a couple of acticles in the wind surfing magazine from CDN and
the report was quit favourable.  I am pleased with my purchase and am
looking forward this fall season.  

P.S. this is my girlfriends e-mail address My name is Steven!!
Take Care Mike.