The first Underground Cape Cod Freestyle Frenzy

The first Underground Cape Cod Freestyle Frenzy

Post by weed.. » Tue, 05 Jun 2007 00:54:57

OK, folks... I was requested to forward this message on
rec.windsurfing by Fred Vetterlein for anyone interested in either
participating or attending the Cape Cod Freestyle Frenzy.

>From Fred Vetterlein:

First, appreciation should go out to Phil and Judy Mann for stepping
up to run the 2005 Freestyle Frenzy on very little notice, and then
continuing it in 2006.  Because of their commitment and thoroughness
and with the benefit of strong winds, the events were a terrific
success and a model for the future.

When the windfest was canceled, the first question was whether we
could find insurance to run a similar venue.  We would like to have
included the freestyle frenzy, the fun relay, the speed check, the
NEWJ board toss, and participation by some vendors.

The question of insurance still hasn't been answered so with only a
few weeks to go, we'll keep it simple.  The first Underground
Freestyle Frenzy will go off the weekend of June 16,17.  The action
will be wind dependent and time and place will be planned around wind
speed and direction.  Be on the cape that weekend if you are

Fred Vetterlein