UK Press Release: Newquay Sewage Decision

UK Press Release: Newquay Sewage Decision

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Surfers Against Sewage Press Release November 4th

SAS are delighted at South West Water's announcement of a full sewage
treatment works including Ultra Violet light disinfection for the resort
of Newquay.

"We are delighted at South West Water's plans for a full treatment works
for the UK's premier surfing location. We have fought long and hard for
full treatment for all of the sewage discharges around the British
coastline. This scheme will deal with the viruses that actually make
people ill and will provide a high level of protection for all people who
surf or swim off Newquay's beaches. As Newquay is  the resort where more
people spend more time in the water than anywhere else, the benefits will
be enormous. We also welcome the news that the scheme will be delivered
well ahead of the end of the year 2000 which was the deadline set by
Europe." says Chris Hines, General Secretary of SAS.

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