Aruba Trip Report 6-17 to 6-24

Aruba Trip Report 6-17 to 6-24

Post by RedGe » Mon, 26 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I visited Aruba June 17-24 and stayed at Sailboard Vacations.  I weigh
165lbs, and am an advanced-intermediate sailor.  I can duck jibe, but only
plane through it if Im lucky.  With that behind us, heres how the trip

Wind was very good entire week.  Sailed 4.3-5.3 every day, except one
morning, when I sailed 6.3 for about an hour before the wind picked up.
Avg. wind was about 4.8 for me.

Boards at SBV are very good...Mistrals...I spent almost every minute on an
Electron CGI.  Very nice board.  

SAILS TOTALLY SUCKED...the only sails available were the Mistral generic
club sails which have no shape, no draft stability, no upper or lower end,
and generally no desirable characteristics whatsoever.  I was very envious
of all the VELA sailors *** through on their 95 Pryde V-6s.  I
cant believe SBV would settle for such a cheap line.  If your experience
level is anywhere from first time jibe on up, you will definitely be
disappointed in theses sails.  Before I left, I even called SBV and
verified that they would have some descent sails.  I believe I was mislead
in that dept.

Housing at SBV was great.  Very nice atmosphere, made a lot of friends out
on the water.  If you book a room there, anywhere but the Blvds should be
OK.  My room was right across from the main jibing area west of the
shallow channel.  Very nice view.

Staff varied quite a bit.  My thanks to John, Yoppe (SP?), and that new
girl from D.C.  All three of them did quite a good job.  Some, but not
necessarily the remainder, of the staff members seemed like theyve burnt
out on the job, and just want to do whatever it takes to get you out of
their hair.  This might include giving someone elses reserved rig to you,
or giving you sub-standard equipment.  Once, after leaving my sail for 10
minutes while I went to get my board checked-out, I returned to find
someone else lifting it off the rack.  The person taking it informed me
that the SAIL BARN STAFF had just told him to cross whoever has it
signed-out off the list, and take it.  This is remarkable because I had
just returned from getting my board, refusing to take another board
(signed out to another patron) that the board shop staff told me to just

So, what to do?

I would definitely recommend staying at the Village, especially compared
to staying in one of the hotels at Palm Beach.  I would recommend that you
bring your own gear, if possible, or if not, at least bring a 5.0 sail and
boom to rig on one of their masts.  Maybe the best solution would be to
book the lodging at SBV, and rent the equipment through VELA.  If you do,
make sure VELA will let you take the equipment overnight.  Hopefully SBV
will get their act together (sail-wise) and get some rigs like they had
last summer (all Pryde V-6s and V-8s).  They also need to refine their
equipment reservation system.  A sailor should be able to get there, grab
a board and rig, and keep that same rig all week (if they choose).  This
morning line-up for the sails just doesnt cut it.  

Good luck making your decision!

The Germ.


Aruba Trip Report 6-17 to 6-24

Post by bruce whi » Tue, 27 Jun 1995 04:00:00

>bring your own gear, if possible, or if not, at least bring a 5.0 sail and
>boom to rig on one of their masts.  Maybe the best solution would be to
>book the lodging at SBV, and rent the equipment through VELA.

This is good advice. I agree that the sails at SBV were awkward to use -
IMO they were rigged too flat, making them twitchy. What surprised me is
that Windsurfing magazine gave positive reviews to the Mistral Straight
and Curved sails.

An alternative would be to rent gear at the F2 truck, at least they'll
give you a discount for a 2 week rental.



Aruba Trip Report 6-17 to 6-24

Post by Hugh Lam » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Nice to see a detailed report. Thanks. I would make one change in the
advice to bring a 50 sail. If you can bring 5.0, 6.0, 7.0. Sure it mostly
blows hard in Aruba but just like any place you risk the "shudda bin here
last week" syndrom. Best to have a good big sail so you can be flyin'
when everyone else is whinnin'.

Futther you can also run into a situation where winds are light and every
big sail is spoken for.

Sails are light, so why not bring what you like just in case.

An now for a commercial message. Bring a few freinds and rent my house
just up the road from Sailboard Vacations. Rent from them or Rogers, or
Gert or Vela depending on who has what you want. I'm on the ocean 1/2
mile from Fishermans Huts in a more private area. Sory my quiver is not
part of the deal. E-mail for more info.
Have fun!