New Board Advice.....phase two.

New Board Advice.....phase two.

Post by Colas Nahab » Wed, 29 Jul 1992 00:10:22

>    Edges           Sharp - better holding capability

non, it is the opposite. Sharp rails are FASTER, but don't hold the board at
all in a turn, round rails hold better but are slower.


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New Board Advice.....phase two.

Post by felix.cabr » Tue, 28 Jul 1992 23:20:27


>>On the other hand they will continue to make boards like the adagio, rock and
>>alto to satisfy the NOT so race oriented sailors. That is why they have two
>>or three boards with the same length and liter specs. Different handling
>>boards for different conditions. Either way I'm sure both of us will be
>>happy with the lineup which is BIC's marketing strategy.

>Which leads me to ask: what is the Astro Rock designed for? I have one, and I
>can see little difference between it and the Presto. The Presto looks like it
>might be a little easier to maintain a plane in a gybe since it has a thicker

                The Presto ('92)                Astro Rock ('91)
                ================                ================

Length          9'2                             9'4
Width           23"                                24"
weight          19lbs                           21lbs
liters          122                             125
guts            Race Tec Honeycomb              Lite Tec epoxy comp
shape           slight double concave           quatro concave
fin             trim box                        regular base

If you look close there are small differences which make them two totally
different boards. Ask any shaper about width. Even ONE inch can make a
difference in a boards capability. The fin system, the bottom shape as
well as the honeycomb material make the presto stiffer and hence
faster in reaches. Hope this helps!


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New Board Advice.....phase two.

Post by felix.cabr » Tue, 28 Jul 1992 23:32:05

[stuff deleted]

>Why don't we start a general discussion about design principles and
>tradeoffs?  I'll admit, my brain is full of hype from the local
>Fanatic rep.  I'm sure that the net has more aggregate wisdom about
>what features contribute to which performance characteristics.

>Here, I'll start the discussion (I'm sure some of these are wrong):

>    Rails           Boxy(thick) - better upwind ability
>                    Thin - better carving ability

My 2 pennies:           Boxy - harder to jibe but faster
                        Thin - easy to jibe but slower

>    Bottoms         Concave - faster planing
>                    V - greater stability through chop

My 2 pennies:           Concave - lower high end speed
                                -concaves are slower if not forward in hull-
                                ie, concaves near tail are SLOW
                        V - faster especially if mostly flat

How about:              Rocker - An inch too much or too little has
                                tremendous effect on speed, jibing, waves.


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New Board Advice.....phase two.

Post by Tom Alber » Tue, 28 Jul 1992 23:40:18


> Would you say the F2 Sputnik or the Mistral Energy to also be in that range?
> Size and flotation is something but you also have to consider weight, bottom
> shape, rails etc.

> The new 8'10 is not going to be an all-around slalom board like the Adagio.
> Take a look at the shapes on the E-rock compared to the Adagio. They are
> created for different conditions. One excels over the other in different
> situations and conditions.

> Even though they are similar in size, you would not compare the Sputnik
> to the Adagio would you?

        I think the Adagio is intended to be a race board.  The E-Rock
        and Astro Rock are intended to be rec boards.  Primarily the rec
        boards are wider with softer rails.  (Chad)

        I think there are two classes of race boards (aside from wind
        range).  There are course-slalom boards which have very thick
        rails.  The Adagio, Presto, Energy, Seatrend 90CS fall into
        that category.  Then there are slalom boards.  The Sputnik 280
        and the Seatrend 90 (discontinued) fall there.  They have thinner
        rails - just as sharp, but not as high.  The CS boards have
        better upwind ability while the slalom boards jibe easier.
        I just traded a Priester 90CS for a Sputnik 280.  The F2 is
        a lot easier to jibe.  I obviously prefer the thinner railed
        board.  I think you can get upwind ability with a nice, big
        blade fin - and have the best of both worlds.


New Board Advice.....phase two.

Post by Tom Alber » Fri, 31 Jul 1992 23:30:03


> My 2 pennies:              Boxy - harder to jibe but faster
>                    Thin - easy to jibe but slower

        I don't agree, Felix.  It's the water release which affects
        speed.  Water release is a function of sharpness, not height.
        The Sputniks are as fast as any production board and they have
        relatively thin - but sharp - rails.

        Additional rail height give you windward.  I think you're going
        to see more shapes like the Sputnik in the coming years.  I think
        most mfgrs are on the boxy trend right now.  It makes a board
        harder to jibe.  Most rec sailors will find out that sharp and
        thin gives you fast and easier to jibe - which is a better combo
        for most sailors.


New Board Advice.....phase two.

Post by Jim Pau » Thu, 30 Jul 1992 01:17:59


> >       Rails           Boxy(thick) - better upwind ability
> >                       Thin - better carving ability
> I think the better upwind ability comes from having hard rails with a
> thick tail and lots of flat in the rear.
> <items deleted>
> performance (according to ASD).  Having more volume just makes the board
> easier to slog for us big people.

Also, more volume in the tail (bulb tail) allows one to ride the fin, with
more speed, at higher points of sail (relative to anyone's size).

> >       Edges           Sharp - better holding capability
> >                       Beveled - easier turn initiation
> Same as rails, to me.

Same to me, too.  Sharp/hard rails also give a board better upwind ability,
too.  My AHD 289 has razor sharp rails, and _cranks_ upwind.  Even when
slogging, I can use the sharp rails like a center board.

> add:    Tail Shape      Wide - quicker to plane, better up wind

Also add:                 Wide - better control of deep/blade type fins.

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P.S.  Sorry to here about your unfortunate accident, Kirk, that has always
been a fear of mine, jumping off my board while approaching the beach. Post
a description of that rock, and we'll see to it that justice is served! *8^)

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