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North Sports, Inc. and asked me to make this Press Release regarding
Robby Naish's new line of sails available to the Internet community.  I
have posted an extended version of this info on the Mistral WWW site
(look under Mistral Windsurfing News):

By the way,  for those who may not be aware,  North Sports, Inc. is the
N.American Distributor for Mistral,  North Sails,  and F2...and now Naish
Sails Hawai'i.

Jim Whitney

------Press Release--------


Maui, Hawaii . . . The internationally renowned Hawaiian design team of
Robby Naish, Peter Cabrina,  Don Montague and Pat Currell, is proud to
announce the introduction of NAISH SAILS HAWAI'I -- the premier sail
brand dedicated to creating the finest in rig quality, design and

"Our team has committed their combined experience of over 40 years in
sail design to a product line focusing on "those who know the difference"
state Robby Naish, President of NAISH SAILS HAWAI'I. "Our goals and
demographics are clear. We are targeting the middle to high performance

Naish's decision to discontinue his 11 year relationship with Gaastra
Sails, has allowed him to fuse his skills with the unrestricted marketing
and design talents of Cabrinha, Montague, and Curell. The core team and
design loft will be based on Maui, Hawaii where all marketing, sales and
product development will take place. NAISH SAILS HAWAI'I management
responsibilities are:

Robby Naish................President
Don Montague...............Sail Design & Development
Peter Cabrinha.............Marketing & Style Design
Pat Curell.................Sails & Rig Development

His life long commitment to competition will keep Naish racing on the PBA
world tour in '95. NAISH SAILS HAWAI'I expects to upset current PBA
standings with the development of a high profile race team led by Naish.
It is anticipated tha the NAISH race team will be an important factor in
future product research and development for the brand.

NAISH SAILS HAWAI'I will produce wll the componentry essential for the
complete state-of-the-art rig package including masts, booms, bases and

"Our marketing efforts will be geared toward the emotions and attitudes
of serious windsurfers," continued Naish. "For the high-end user, we are
confident the new rigs will surpass the world's leading sail brands in
terms of materials, styles, and shapes."

"With the solid financial backing of the Mistral group of companies and
the high quality standards of the North Sails manufacturing facilities in
Sri Lanka, NAISH SAILS HAWAI'I will have the resources to make a major
impact on the industry" said Ranier Ramelsberger, Managing Director of
Mistral Sports Group GmbH. "As an independent brand, NAISH SAILS HAWAI'I
has the advantage of the strong leadership of Robby Naish, and the
experience of it's partners. We are very e***d about the future."