Reactor Bars

Reactor Bars

Post by Ed Scot » Wed, 09 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I like the Reactor, sail trim is nice and responsive, but maybe like
others said, it's probably not much of an issue with modern sails.
Maybe it's more an issue when you're learning harness line placement and
sail trim.

I did break one once, through the threaded hole that the roller goes
into, the whole hook broke off.  I sometimes sail in 50 mph gusts, but
not often.  The remaining part was deadly sharp.  I think I saved it for
warranty purposes.  I think while unloading my car, the hook hit the
pavement, anyway, the roller was sticky before the failure.  Since then
I switch them out when they start to corrode, which is about 2 seasons
for me (100x/yr in salt and fresh water).  Like other inexpensive items,
it's worth swapping out on a regular basis.  Never had one fail since.

Maybe I'll pull out one of my old standard hooks and see how it feels.



> I'm going to try to switch to a Reactor and see if it helps me.  My
> (brand new) Da Kine seat harness buckle won't work with a Reactor.
> I'm
> going to go to Da Kine in Hood River tomorrow and ask for another
> buckle
> that will work with a Reactor.

> Have you ever had a reactor break on you, or heard of it?  The guy who

> sold me my gear, who's an expert Gorge sailor, says he doesn't like
> reactors and doesn't use them, only because they always break on him,
> once even hurting his hand.  Then again, this guy sails in 50mph
> gusts.

> Chris