Hanko1.jpg posted in alt.binaries.pictures.misc

Hanko1.jpg posted in alt.binaries.pictures.misc

Post by Juri Munk » Mon, 09 Mar 1992 09:17:20

This week I posted two files to alt.binaries.pictures.misc. The following
info file for the other one will explain why:

File                    : Hanko1.jpg
Resolution              : 746 x 562 x 24
Compression             : JPEG good quality (QuickImage 2.0)
Category                : Windsurfing
When                    : August 1991
Where                   : Silversand, Hanko, Finland
What                    : Juri Munkki sailing at full speed.
Original media          : 8 mm PAL video

  Since this picture is from video and I didn't even bother to use
Hi-8 tape for the occasion, the picture is a bit blurred. Still, I
personally like this picture quite a lot and the "dry brush"-filtered
version even more, so I'm posting it. I still have plenty of interesting
slides to post, so I'll continue with them next week.

This week I am making an exception and I'm posting two pictures. The
other one is just a specially processed version of the first one. I
used Adobe Photoshop and a "Dry Brush" filter to make the picture look
like a painting. The original is posted as Hanko1.jpg and the painting-
like version is Hanko1DB.jpg.


Silversand provides excellent windsurfing conditions when the wind
direction is from the North. This usually occurs after a low pressure
area has moved across Finland. Hanko is a one hour drive from Helsinki,
so we don't go there every time it blows from the North.

I went there with Immo and we had an excellent day. I started with a
5.0, but later on rigged my 4.3, because I felt I was overpowered.
Immo used his 5.4 all day, but he was dead tired when we quit. (I
often use one size smaller sails than others. I think it has more
to do with my sailing style and the board than anything else.)

As you can see from the picture, I was quite well powered up with
my 4.3 m^2 Infinity (1990 cut) and my Tiga 270 Slalom board. The
camera had some problems following me at that speed, so part of the
sail is missing from the picture.

BTW: The jpg-files are now available at bears.ece.ucsb.edu. I don't
know if they will be made available as GIF files, but if they are,
I have to warn you that they are huge. (Olli1 is 504959 bytes)

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