Windsurfing in Eastern NY (adirondack Mountains)

Windsurfing in Eastern NY (adirondack Mountains)

Post by Slicciar » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Wondering if anyone out there knows if there are any clubs in the Saratoga
region and also if someone knows where a beginner can go to get
instruction and information on this sport.  Any help appreciated.  E-mail


Windsurfing in Eastern NY (adirondack Mountains)

Post by BwayDa » Mon, 24 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Here's how to get started in windsurfing in the Saratoga, NY area.

Contact the Adirondack Boardsailing Club (ABC) by calling Duane Bowman at
(H) 518.661.5665  (W) 518.485.1663.  They can give you information about
how to get started.  Last year ABC held a learn to sail day in July.

For information on lessons contact Paul Empie, also with ABC at (H)
518.861.6010 (W) 518.433.3831.

Popular sailing locations in the area are:
Saratoga Lake, Lake George, Scandaga Lake, Round Lake, Lake Champlain,
Crystal Lake, etc.

If you want to find windsurfers to talk to go to rt. 9P on the east side
of Saratoga Lake on a windy day and look for Brown's Beach, Sailing Winds
or other spots where a bunch of cars with board racks are parked.
Approach anyone who is not obviously hurrying to rig up and get on the
water, confess your beginnerhood and ask questions.  Most windsurfers are
friendly and helpful to new arrivals to the sport.  If they're not, it's
their problem, not yours. Try the next person.

The Inside Edge in Glens Falls sells boards and equipment and they would
be helpful about information on lessons, answering questions, etc.

See you on the water!


Here's a relevant message from Mark Guido which I found on rec.windsurfing
in response to a question about the Boston area.

>Check out my WWW page, address below, which includes detailed >site

information on eastern Massachusetts.  There are also links in >the
"Northeast" section to the "Windsurfing Guide to the >Massachusetts Coast"
and to the "Newburyport

>(Massachusetts) Boardsailing Association Home Page."
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>    Adirondack Boardsailing Club -
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