Kite Surfing in Rhode Island

Kite Surfing in Rhode Island

Post by nikit » Sat, 28 May 2005 11:38:13

I don't think anything short of insulting somebody first should invoke
an "idiot" remark. If you want to make other people listen to you,
calling them idiots is probably the last thing one should do. We all
have different points of view and slamming somebody for wanting to do
things differently than you (oh horrors, how could one disregard 20
years of YOUR experience!) should not be a reason to call them idiots,
especially if they haven't done anything to insult you (or endanger

"Life or death" - this seems kind of too dramatic to me. I've never
kited, but it's only a question of how much risk one is willing to
take. I am sure lots of people thought that I was an "idiot" when they
saw me windsurfing in the middle of January, but that's just what I do.
If somebody wants to take more risk than you would've, you have the
right to think what you want, but people should keep those thoughts to
themselves. When you call someone an idiot, that says more about you
than whoever your target is. Remarks like that suggest to me that these
people think they are all-knowing, all-important (and not very nice on
top of it), which will probably make me disregard their advice.



> Dave,

> Agree with you, but only to a degree.

> Ray


Kite Surfing in Rhode Island

Post by clydepe.. » Sat, 28 May 2005 11:41:40


Funny handle, idiot. Go find your experienced kitesurfer and get
yourself instructed. I have seen so many like you and all the hell they
went through trying to learn the way you want to learn. So many
accidents, broken bones, cracked ribs, countless pulled muscles and all
other kinds of general mayhem. I feel really lucky that no one in my
area has been killed. I have seen kites drag their riders across busy
highways; over high voltage power lines and through dense underbrush. I
have had kites crash on me while derigging a sail. When leashes were
popular one of our instructors was hit from behind while under water,
lost a pint of *** and nearly bled out. Another instructor crahed
into and smashed the windshield of a parked pick up truck.You have a
family. Think a little about the process of learning. Go with an empty
cup and maybe you will get started on the right foot. Getting started
right is what we are trying to say and really is the only thing being
said. No one here on this windsurfing forum has tryed to dissuade you
from kiting. Do you realize how weird it is for a kiter to ask for help
on a windsurfing forum? But hey you keep coming back. What's up with
that? Alex Caviglia who lived south of here died from a horrible kiting
accident. He lingered for a year in a semi coma and left a wife and two
children. Go and pursue your stoke. I think enough has been said.



Kite Surfing in Rhode Island

Post by Glenn Woodel » Sat, 28 May 2005 11:42:15

>Sorry, but this n00b is a moron.  Just hope he -only- hurts himself and
>not somebody else or causes the sport to be banned because of his stupidity.

>Ok, I'm done.  Rant over...

I think he was asking for advice. Not harsh criticizm. At least he's
asking questions. Yours doesn't sound like the type of response I'm
used to on this forum.



Kite Surfing in Rhode Island

Post by gobigkahun » Sat, 28 May 2005 11:44:41

Perhaps -you- should re-read the posts Gary.  When you first asked your
questions, on a -windsurfing- newsgroup instead of a -kitesurfing-
group, I tried to steer you back in the right direction and gave you
advice based on my experience (that's what you were asking for, right?).

No sooner had I done the "good samaratan" deed, you immediately
discounted it in your reply.

You said:

"Thanks for the input and the link to the kiteforum site.  I've actually
found lots of places that rent equipment and have instructors, but the
lessons are very expensive...that's why I'm looking for an experienced
kitesurfer for private lessons."

So the reason you wanted private lessons was to save money?  This is
reason #1 why you are a MORON:  You are trying to learn a dangerous
sport on the cheap.  Ever hear of the expression, "you get what you paid
for"?  This is not a sport to cut corners on.  If you can't afford
lessons, then you can't afford to kitesurf.

Then you said:

"I don't think I'm putting my life in anyone's hands by taking
kitesurfing lessons."

This is reason #2 why you are a MORON:  You have no clue just how
dangerous kitesurfing is.  People die in this sport all the time, if you
were an experienced kiter, you would know this.

Then you said:

"If someone is not experienced or does not impress me during our initial
meeting, I'll cancel the lesson."

This is reason #3 why you are a MORON:  You wouldn't know an experienced
kiter from somebody who just bought the gear himself, because you are a
complete n00b no matter -how many- magazines you've read.  Extensive
research might buy you a better TV, but magazines don't count for sh*t
on the water bud.

Then you said:

"Lastly, I live in Rhode Island, not the Outer Banks.  Once I become an
experienced Kitesurfer, most of my surfing will be done in Rhode Island
and Massachusetts."

Have you ever heard of "hypothermia"?  Are you an experienced waterman
in RI?  Have you ever surfed or kitesurfed in those areas?  How far can
you swim in cold water against wind and tide?  You never shared this
info with anyone on this group.  You portrayed yourself as a complete
n00b, and I still say the -best- place for you to learn is not in RI...
head south and save your wife and kids a funeral bill.

When (although I'd suspect it's more like "if") you ever become an
experienced kiter (not just one who -thinks- he's an experienced kiter)
then maybe you'd be up for what the New England coast has to offer, but
until then stick to your magazines and maybe a video game or two...


Kite Surfing in Rhode Island

Post by gobigkahun » Sat, 28 May 2005 12:06:06

My appologies to the group for using the word "MORON" in reference to
"Gary".  Since there is no way to edit my post, please substitute
"individual lacking common sense" for the word "MORON".

I also appologize for being so thin skinned, but as a fellow kitesurfer
/ windsurfer / surfer, I have had to deal with "individuals lacking
common sense" like Gary more often than I'd like.  We've already had one
beach banned to kitesurfing because of the actions of "individuals
lacking common sense" and another beach is in jepardy.  I have nothing
against "individuals lacking common sense" risking their own life and
limb.  But the problem with kiting (unlike windsurfing and surfing) is
it effects -everybody- on the beach.  We've had kiters drag through
famillies (with little children), run through fishing lines, dump kites
on sun bathers, etc. etc. etc.  All it will take is a injured child on
our beach and kiting will be banned there forever.

Again, my most humble appologies.


Kite Surfing in Rhode Island

Post by Gary » Sat, 28 May 2005 12:46:12

I find it amazing that you were able to surmise all these thoughts of
me being this out of control maniac who is being dragged by a kite
through families while killing myself and innocent bystanders by my
simple question.

I'm just looking to start a new hobby and was just trying to figure
out a plan of attack for me and a friend.  Also, you could have easily
ignored the question if you're so bothered that I asked a Kite
question on a Windsurfing forum.  Instead you chose to be arrogant,
insulting and condescending.

I think you should behave in these forums the same way you do in
everyday life.  If I was to approach you with my initial question while
you were packing your gear in your car after a Kite session, you would
have never responded the way you did in this forum.  Because you know
your response would be followed with severe repercussions, so just try
to tone it down with all the insults.


Kite Surfing in Rhode Island

Post by Brian Foste » Sat, 28 May 2005 21:44:59

I started to read this thread and thought all the warnings about kiting were
nuts. I windsurfed a lot back in the 80's and early 90's. I took many a
tumble on a board, washed up in some places I'd rather not remember, and
learned the self rescue the hard way.

So I'm still wondering why are these guys so harsh on this guy for wanting
to learn how to kiteboard?

I happened to catch on of these extreme sports disasters shows on TV this
week and it became apparent pretty quickly. I saw a guy who was going along
fine on a kite (but a little too close to shore) and all of a sudden he was
picked up by a gust. His speed doubled, he became airborne, and he was
thrashed on the nearby rocks. Luckily he came through the episode with only
bruises and minor cuts. He could of just as easily been dead if he had hit
his (helmetless) head.

It was very eye opening to me. Same guy on a windsurfer might of been
catapulted but the potential for complete disaster was not even close to the

Kiting looks like huge fun. So does flying off waves in Maui or any other
place. I think a novice could get in trouble learning to kite very quickly
and without the safety features (like a big floaty board to hang on to) that
windsurfing has.

Good luck to all of you and be safe.

BTW, I know Rhody beaches pretty well, grew up there, if you are going to
Kite stay away from the Rocky places like Gansett and head for the sandy
areas like Westerly would be my advice.

Now I'm too old and fat for this stuff, I'm going to the driving range, see

> Hello,

> I'm looking for someone to give me a private kite surfing lesson in
> Rhode Island.  If you or someone you know is an experienced Kitesurfer
> and want to make some extra money, send me an email.  The lesson would
> be for me and my friend, we're both in our late 30s and we would rent
> the equipment and meet you somewhere in RI or Southerneastern
> Massachusetts.

> Thanks,
> Gary


Kite Surfing in Rhode Island

Post by Dan Weis » Sat, 28 May 2005 23:56:43

Hi Gary:  Don't get the wrong idea about windsurfers and their views on
kiters.  Sometimes it reminds me of the skier/snowboarder row that pretty
much is a thing of the past.  About 1/2 of my windsurfing friends have at
least tasted a bit of kiting.  Some are incredibly good, while others
struggle to keep upwind.

I hope to learn to kite this summer, getting instruction from my friends.  I
know, this risky plan entails hours of needless frustration and angst.   In
my case, the time spent with friends is meaningful enough, and these guys
are all current windsurfers who understand very clearly the risk/reward
aspect of kiting.

You sound like you have done your homework.  I'll put you in touch with a
friend of mine who teaches kiting.  He's quite good (apparently) and is a
former/current windsurfer and dinghy sailor who understands the wind.


> Ray,

> I'm not sure how I'm "taking on the world" by trying to connect with an
> experienced kitesurfer for private lessons.  The only advice I
> disregarded was going to the Outer Banks for lessons.  Because I have a
> family, I don't find it appropriate to disappear for a weekend to the
> Outer Banks for Kitesurfing lessons.

> As I see it, everyone who has offered advice has done so by insulting
> me.  I'm not sure how you feel about being disrespected, but I always
> try to treat people with respect.  The 2 idiots who initially responded
> were much moe interested in stirring the pot than giving me sound
> advice.  You might want to read the enitire thread before siding with
> your windsurfing buddies.

> Gary


Kite Surfing in Rhode Island

Post by Gary » Tue, 31 May 2005 08:50:19

Thanks Dan...Please forward me your friends contact information at your
convenience.  I'll definitely look him up.