SFB Windsight

SFB Windsight

Post by Ken Poult » Sat, 28 Aug 1993 17:52:46

> Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a Windsight
> service for the Bay Area.  Numerous wind and direction sensors
> could be located at prime sailing areas ( Crissy Field, Rio
> Vista, Coyote Point....suggestions?)  The sensors would be
> updated every 15 minutes and the reports  could be accessed via
> a 1-800 number or a computer download with accompanying windows
> software.  Current and extended forecasts would also be
> available.

I'd probably subscribe.  I haven't used the Windsight software, but I
used the voice dial-in in the Gorge and it was real helpful.  The key
thing that such a service could do would be to place sensors *at*
sailing sites, maybe even on jetties or channel markers.  The way things
are now, you have to learn every windtalker's foibles.  Maybe these
could be run from solar cells and hooked up with cell phones like the
new roadside call boxes?

The main thing I'd like to get is updates via internet.  I find it very
helpful to poll the existing weather sources hourly and plot the daily
wind trends.  I suppose dial-in and download would be possible, but
who wants to hassle with modems?

Ken Poulton

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